Monday, February 10, 2020

2020 Goal Update

2020 New Year Goal Update:
Do you remember the goal? My personal goal is to send at least one handmade card out a week. I know it's only been five weeks, but I'm still doing it and it feels great.

Week #1: Joey's 7th B-day
Week #2: Robert & Juan Just Because (sent them photos that I've been holding on to)
Week #3: Lynne's B-day
Week #4: Jori's 15th B-day
Week #5: Miramontes Sympathy
Week #6: Multiple Valentine's Day

You know I didn't take any photos of the cards I sent but I'm going to try to be better in the following updates.

It's been fun going through my card box. I don't always do that and I forget the cute cards that I've created and some that I cringed over. LOL

The first thing I did was put in all the birthdays and anniversary, etc., on the NOTES section of my planner each week.
There are a lot of weeks that I don't have an occasion to send a card, so that's when I'll send a "thinking of you" card to my list of family and friends or anyone who comments that they would love a handmade card from me.

If that's me via email (check the contact me tab) and send me your mailing address.

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