Monday, September 25, 2017

Flip Albums & Use Your Paper #5

I'm leaving for a girls' weekend with my mom, sisters, aunt and cousins. During these weekends, we always eat, shop, and do some sort of craft. That's my area! This year, we're going to make these easy flip albums. Now some of them do a little crafting here and there, but I'm the one with all the supplies. Sure, I could ask them to pitch in, but I use this as an excuse to use up my paper stash AND you know we all have tons of paper stash!

I've made many flip albums in the past. Here's some photos of a few:
This one I made for my SIL's birthday

This is one I made for Mother's Day
 My concern was all the cardstock that's needed for 11 flip albums, but I bought a $5 pad of cardstock from Walmart - not the best quality but perfect for this project. I made separate kits for each album which includes the precut cardstock, precut patterned papers, ribbon and typed instructions in case they want to make more on their own. For the most part, they look like this unfinished. much paper did I use? 39 pieces of cardstock for the albums and over 20 pieces of patterned paper. And that's not including the black & white pieces I'm bringing for matting. WOW! Now that's using your paper!

You know what?!? This barely made a dent in my paper stash.  HAHAHAHAHAHA
Here are some photos of the ones that were made this weekend:

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