Sunday, March 12, 2017

We R Memory Keepers Typewriter

One of the cool things about attending a Crop is they usually have tools that the croppers can use.  When Carly & I attended the Expo Crop, they had a typewriter.  You know they are all the rage and I was so happy to see it there and use it...until I used it.

Ok, I get that we want it to look vintage but oh my, remember way back in the day when you had to push the keys so hard in order for the letters to get on your page?  Well, that's how I felt with this typewriter.  It was easier to peck at the keys with one finger at a time instead of your normal typing.  Also, that hand crank at the end of each line - I forgot how much I appreciate an automatic typewriter. 

But, besides all that, the look is pretty cool and of course all those beautiful colors they come in.  HA HA HA  Yeah, we'll all suckers for pretty!

Here's the layout I made with the typed journal spot and a close up of the typing (I just realized that I typed 2017 instead of 2016.  Dang it!).

Every year, our town's Fire Department escorts Santa around the town.  Christmas music is played so you can hear them coming.  Santa sits on top of the truck and all his helpers run/walk around.  Santa's helpers gather toys & food from us and hand out candy canes to the kiddos.  This is by far, my absolute favorite event & love that our town still does it. 
The featured photo of LeAnna with Gracie (dog) has got to be one of my favorite photos of all time.  Carly took it but I had to have a copy!

Perfect "Waiting for Santa" photo!

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