Friday, March 10, 2017

Paint Nite

Yes, I know how to spell "night", but the company is actually called Paint Nite.  My coworkers organized a fundraiser.  There were a total of 45 people who participated and we had a blast!

I must be honest, I did not really like the featured painting so when I finished and didn't like it, I wasn't too hard on myself.  LOL  But I'm still hanging it somewhere in the Command Center.  In fact, don't be surprised if it changes a lot they next time you see it. (maybe a little less creepy...)

Here are some photos:

And mine:

For those who don't know what Paint Nite is all about, basically it's the newest thing for people to have some food & drinks and take part of a painting lesson.  It's very basic and a lot of fun.  I mean, you're not going to create a masterpiece but it's the idea of doing something different with your buddies.  It costs about $30 for all your painting supplies and the instructor.  Food & drinks are separate.  Not a bad deal!  Check out their website.

If you're already a follower of mine, you know that we've been working on re-doing/organizing the Command Center.  We are pretty much done just making some last minute moves.  I'll post before and after photos next week. 

Have an awesome week!

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