Sunday, August 21, 2016

Take a Break!

Does your body just tell you, Take a Break?  Well mine did this weekend.  I came home from work early on Friday because I was so exhausted and a little lightheaded.  I came home, took my blood pressure and took a two hour nap.  Even after that I wasn't feeling well.  I decided to call my doctor since I started taking some new meds and thought I may be having a reaction.  Yup, all my symptoms were a result of an allergic reaction to the meds.  So, I stopped immediately.  After resting Friday evening, all day Saturday and today, I feel so much better.

Bad meds and super busy schedule don't mix.

I was able to enjoy the granddaughters birthday and took a couple of photos of her opening the gift Carly got her.  She loves the show Supernatural almost as much as Carly and I do.  She says Dean is her boyfriend and Sam is Carly's.

Love these!

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