Thursday, February 4, 2016

Craft Countdown to Christmas 2016

Yes, I said Christmas.  My coworkers decided that I should schedule monthly craft projects to get them ready for Christmas.
I laughed it off and then of course took it seriously.  So off to Pinterest, Google and YouTube to search easy DIY gifts.
January's project:h
Watercolor Mugs!
I made this quick video so you don't have to search but there are plenty on YouTube. 

Here are a few tips from me:
  • Do not use nail polish with glitter; it sounds pretty, but it only clumps
  • Work quickly especially when using quick dry nail polish
  • Use lukewarm water for best effect
  • Some polish will clump, do not use unless you want a "clumpy" look on your mug
  • Swirl a skewer or paper towel into the container to remove remaining polish
  • Nail polish remover can be your best friend.  Use it to remove unwanted areas and to clean the inside of the mug (if you get some in there) and rim.
  • Use the polish you already have.  No need to purchase special supplies for this project.
  • Hand Wash Only!  I even made tags to go on the mugs with this info.
  • Have fun! 
Here are photos of the mug I made to demonstrate to my coworkers:

And the finished mug from my video:

Pretty cool!

As I'm writing this, my heart is heavy.  My cousin, Dee Dee passed away last night.  My cousin was one of those people who lights up a room.  I don't care where, why, what, but if she's there, you are having fun!  I was feeling sad yesterday but when I started thinking about her and all those times we had together growing up, I couldn't help but laugh and smile.  There's so much to say, but for now I'll just say Rest in Peace.  She deserves it.  Love ya Dee Dee!

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