Monday, February 8, 2016

America the Beautiful

What happens when your office is getting rid of old framed art?  I get to upcycle!  This piece was an old 80's print...very dated and not pretty.  I adhered scrap pieces of blue papers randomly around the piece.  Then painted a layer of gesso.  From there I just did a little this and that to get to something I liked.

In the meantime, I used other scrap papers to cut out each state.  I found a state puzzle on Pinterest and used those to put the U.S. all together.  Inked each state and then the entire U.S.  

I made more changes to the background (added more blue) and finger-painted a border around the U.S. with white paint.

After putting the frame on, I decided to hang this up in my bathroom...yes, I said bathroom.  Lol

It adds so much color in there!

I labeled this Apricot Fiesta because I'm considering this as my Fiesta contribution to the Art/Crafts Exhibit.  I didn't participate last year and I'm thinking about doing it again this year.  I'll keep y'all updated.

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