Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Birthday Thank Yous gotta love them, right?  So it's two days before my nephew's birthday party and my sister calls asking if I can help with goodie bags.  She KNOWS, I just don't fill a bag with goodies.  I have to do something creative.  So of course I say yes even though I really have no time to do it.

He didn't have a specific theme so first I thought, Oh, I'll make some balloons or stars or something "boyish" and generic, but then I did some pinterest surfing.  (Is there another word for that??)  I saw these cute monster cards which required a lot of punched shapes.  I loved them!  But I also knew I wasn't going to punch individual circles for teeth.  So, as usual being inspired by this idea, I came up with my own bright, cute little monsters.

So, going directly to my pile of scraps, I cut two each of 2.5x3" plain cardstock.  (x 15 since I am making 15 of them - in other words...30 LOL).  So, I made different shades of blue, green, yellow, red, and pink.  I love that his favorite color is pink :).

Then I grabbed some scrap gray for the eyeball bases.  15 of 1" circles and 15 of 3/4" circles.  White scraps for 15  3/4"  circles and 15 1/2" circles.  Black scrap for 30 1/4" circles.  I wanted the eyes different sizes to give a quirky look.  I grabbed more scrap white cardstock and punch strips of scallopped edges.  These are for the teeth.

After assembling the eyes, and punching the teeth.  I grabbed half of the bases and used my Creative Memories circle cutter to create a rounded edge on them.  Assembled all the faces and then mounted them on the matching color base.

Here's some photos:

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  1. What an awesome sister you are. These are totally adorable. Hugs, Maggie


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