Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Challenge Site; New Friends

I met so many new people at the Mother's Day retreat and a new blog to follow.  I love sketches and challenges are awesome too!  Can you believe I've been the traveling fool that I haven't had a chance to spend time in the Command Center.  One thing that totally sucks is on my trip to Colorado, my SD card in my camera decided to fart out on the very last day of the trip and I lost ALL my pictures.  Good thing I have my sisters, nephew and friends photos to download but there were plenty of spots that we only used my camera for.  I felt sick to my stomach at first but then quickly got over it.  I'll survive.  I will survive, hey, hey...

Ok, today is Thursday and tomorrow I promise I will at least start a layout!   Promise.

The newest challenge is bum, bum buuuu...

Stuck On U Sketches

I'll post a link when I actually finish the layout.  I'm a brat, I know it hee hee

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