Sunday, May 4, 2014

Chalkboard Art know how I love taking what I have and re-doing...upcycling, right?  Well, I had this picture for about 20 years:

It's about 30 x 36 inches.  (I didn't measure, but it's pretty big.)

Here's my upcycle project:

As you can tell from the glare on the first picture.  This should have been framed under glass, but while I was placing the new "art" into the glass frame, it broke.  I guess it's a good thing if i ever want to erase and write something else on the chalkboard, but I think I would have liked it better with the glass.

I planned on painting chalkboard paint on the back of the original print but it was attached to the mat and I really wanted the mat for this upcycle project.  So...I figured, I wouldn't want to hang the old picture anyhow and just painted over it. 

Chalkboard paint is so EASY to make yourself.  I only needed a little bit so I halved my original recipe. 

Hope you like it!


  1. What a wonderful upcycle project!!!

  2. What a wonderful upcycle project!

  3. Cute idea to paint over a picture you might have just thrown or given away! Another great up-cycle project!!!!

  4. I always love your upscale projects, Dorlene and this is just one more where you've outdone yourself.

  5. Awesome project!! Love it!! :)


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