Monday, November 23, 2020

BBTB2: Coffee

It's time for another two week challenge at the Bitten By The Bug 2 (BBTB2) challenge site. Click on over and see the great DT submissions and join the fun! The current challenge topic

What a great time to create a Cricut inspired coffee project. The days are getting cooler and nights are definitely colder! 

Here's my project:

My daughter bought a sweatshirt and I challenged myself to do something similar. It looked like it was bleached but it looked different than the bleached shirts I've done before. So I googled it...there is such a thing as reverse tie dye. Basically, you "tie dye" with bleach to remove color.

I used a black sweatshirt that I already owned and gathered sections with rubber bands
then sprayed & poured bleach.

Once I was happy with the new "color", I removed the rubber bands & soaked the shirt in cold water to stop the bleaching process.
There were lots of spots that were still too black so I dripped some bleach here and there until I liked it.

I washed the sweatshirt before adding the HTV. I went to Design Space and searched for "coffee". I selected the image/words from Drink Up image #MB356503. I didn't want it to have a big contrast so I used blush HTV from Cricut. I also like how the pink gives it a feminine look too.

I hope you join this challenge and link your Cricut made coffee project to the BBTB2 site.


  1. perfect dying the sweatshirt! you rocked this project! you are a fantastic crafter in all mediums! you always seem to impress me with your technique.


  2. That is a cool look, I hadn’t heard of reverse tie dye. I also like the more subtle color for your sentiment.

  3. Wow, I didn't realize that you tie dyed the shirt. You did such a great job! The wording is so fun, too!

  4. that is so creative. I could just picture you on a cold morning wearing that sweatshirt and sipping coffee while reading emails.

  5. You are so incredibly creative! Did not have any idea "reverse tie dye" was a thing! Really like the blush for the saying, as I think white would have been too much contrast. The color of the sweatshirt after the reverse tie dye gives the perfect coffee feel too!

  6. What an amazing shirt! I think the light pink was the perfect touch!

  7. My daughter bought one too - from Etsy with some Harry Styles character on it. Thanks for the tutorial on how you accomplished the look - I too would like to recreate it as well.


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