Sunday, May 17, 2015

You Got Some Xplaining to Do

Even though I was at a Mother's Day Weekend Crop last weekend, I didn't have a chance to take any photos.  I finished so many layouts.  It was a very successful weekend.  The weather was perfect and the food and company was amazing.

I did not spend any time in the Command Center this past week.  I really, really, really need to clean that room!  LOL

I need to unpack my bags for sure...

I thought I'd share some photos that Kenny and I took last month.  We went to a "Hollywood Premier" party.  Red carpet and everything.  We were asked on the invitation to dress as our favorite celebrity and here we are as Lucy and Ricky.

I do have to admit that we had many cocktails but had a blast taking these photos.

Keep Cool!


  1. Looks like you guys had a really fun time!

  2. That sounds like such a fun party! You guys look great!


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