Sunday, February 1, 2015

Rain Drop Challenge

I like my card, but I do not like my  rain drops.  This Friday's challenge was to draw rain/water drops on your work using the tutorial.  The tutorial seemed easy enough, but I just couldn't get them right.  This definitely will need practice and I want to continue to practice because they look so realistic when done right.

Here's the link to the challenge blog:
Here's the photo of the card:

The base of the art work is my scrap sheet that stays on the side of my work area.  You know all the sloshes and marks, slips and spills.  I added the yellow circles for flowers and doodled the rest.  If   you look real close, you can see the light blue drops.

I'm also linking this to the Craft Therapy Thiursday blog.  Get to the site by clicking

Mixed Media:  paints, ink, watercolor pencils, glimmermist, stenciling with texture paste, markers, stamping, etc.

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  1. What a creative way to capture one of my favorite parts of nature: rain!

    Stopping by from the #crafttherapy blog hop!



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