Saturday, November 29, 2014

Who Wants Candy?

I made a bunch of decorated candy bars.  One for everyone on  your list...Angels, Grinch, Santa, Penguin, Reindeer and Snowman.

Each candy bar was covered with a piece of patterned paper or cardstock and then decorated accordingly.
Angel:  SU! Pennant Punch (body), SU! Butterfly Punch (wings), 1" Punch (halo), 1/2" Punch (head); small heard for hands
Grinch:  Head Shape cut with the cricut, pennant punch (hat), circle punches for eyes and drew the smile
Santa:  SU! scallop circle punch for beard, 1 3/" circle punch for face, square punch for hat, 1/4" punch for nose and pom pom.
Decorate as you see fit.  I also made tags with just layers of scraps and stamps.

Reindeer:  Cut snowflake on the cricut and trimmed some antlers, random size circles for other portions of the face
Penguin:  Large heart for the face, oval for the belly, smaller heart for the beak, and half the butterfly punch for feet

I already forgot the size of the hat (I want to say 2 1/2" circle) and scalloped strip around the whole bar.  There are also skinnier ovals on each side of the belly for the wings.  They are hard to see since they are black.

The reindeer's tags are an assortment of scrap layers and the stamp is from SU!  These two are my favorites!  I didn't take a photo of the snowmen, but if you search past posts on craft faires, I made the snowmen with a printed wrapper with a fleece hat.  So cute!

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