Sunday, August 10, 2014

Wall Gallery

After 13 years of all white walls, I decided to paint one accent wall in the front room.  I used the left over paint from the downstairs bathroom project, mixed more dark brown paint into it and used that.  I love reusing materials instead of dumping stuff, but I guess if you're an active viewer/reader of my blog, you'd already know that.  LOL

I wanted this accent wall to be an Art Wall.  No furniture in front of it or anything.  It used to house a dresser that we used as a side table/buffet type of piece.  Here's what it looks like now:

As you can tell, I still need to add more things to the bottom.  Most of these items were on the wall before painting.  The only two things I added were the framed dates print.  I just made that yesterday. I'll show a close up here:

I've been meaning to do this one for a long time.  I've seen similar ones on pinterest but I added my own flair to it by adding the blue or pink foot and handprints for the babies, hearts for our wedding and dog prints for Gracie.

And the square "D" plate is another upcycle of mine.  My friend gave me the platter/plate and I cut the "D" using the Tie the Knot cricut cartridge in brown vinyl.

Font for date art:  Suburbia Cricut Cartridge
Font for "D" plate:  Tie the Knot
Foot and handprint stamps:  Hero Arts (Rubber Paws gift - read more about Rubber Paws by going through the archives for 2013, June.)
Hearts punch:  Stampin' Up
Dog prints:  From my stash - no name on the wood base
Cardstock:  Black and tan from stash

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