Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tribute to Rubber Paws

This post is to honor a woman I never met.  Karen Sigler, aka Rubber Paws was my sister's sister-in-law and a fellow rubber stamper/paper artist.  She passed away earlier this year and her family gifted her supplies to my sisters and me.

I knew from previous conversations that Karen was a crafter, but what I didn't realize is how incredibly talented she was.  When we entered their home, there were many cards and canvases showcasing her talent.  She had been published in many magazines and won lots of recognition for her work.  She did not just make cards, she made pieces of art.

In her studio, she had tons and tons of supplies.  Not just paper and some stamps, but embossing powders, glitters, Brilliant Pearls paint, specialty papers, beads and so much more!  We were overwhelmed and had a hard time wiping up the drool running out of our mouths.  Thankfully, she was so organized and supplies were actually where they were supposed to be - what a concept.

You could feel the pride and love as her husband showed off her crafting area as well as the gallery of her work.  He had lots of stories and it was an amazing day.

I never met her, but I sure wish I had.  As I looked around her home, we had so many things in common.  There are lots of signs around the house, a country-like feel to the decor, she loved vintage and an obvious love for her family and pets; a handmade home for sure.

Karen, since then, you have inspired me to:

Be more organized.  Carly and I have separated our stamps and they are now in their own drawers by subject.  Each drawer and container are labeled and I've already started stamping in a reference book.

Use my products.  Life is too short to not use all your supplies!  I have them...now I need to use them.  I've been using all sorts of embellishments in my cards and scrapbooks and they are looking fabulous!
Hog Heaven and Pig Stamp; Pitch Black Ink Pad

Vintage woman stamp, pearls and pen

Involve my family in my creations.  Her family was so proud of what she made; it was beautiful to see the look in their eyes when talking about her.  I want my family to be just as proud.  I rarely make them cards or gifts - it's always for someone else.  I need to send more cards and make more gifts just for the heck of it.
Large and Small star punches; Red card base & envelope

Follow my dreams.  Life really is too short.  What do I want to do?  Am I ok with the status quo or do I want to push myself for something more?

More importantly, no regrets.  Not just in the craft room, but in life.

Yes, I wish I would have known her.  She was a beautiful, talented lady and even knowing her through her crafting supplies has made me a better person.  Karen Sigler, may you rest in peace.

Plethora of various stamps (over 200)
Lots of cardstock, patterned & specialty paper
Embossing powders in every color
Brilliant Pearls paint
Ink pads and pens (and holders)
Xyron machine
Fiskars paper cutter
Eyelets, brads, clips and Rhinestones
Glitter and Stickles
Six drawer tower, paper holder, various containers
Idea books and so much more...


  1. I love this post & tribute to my Sister (Sent from God) & Forever Friend Karen! She & I spent years crafting together & shopping together for the "perfect" stamp, supply, tool, or book! I was so Blessed to have gotten to do all this with her for close to 30 years, and what a talent & friend she is! I am so glad Caroline & you all got to share her treasures and craft supplies! As I was going through her stamps (and highly organized stamp catalog as you well know) I remembered where we were when we bought certain stamps/tools/supplies or what we made with them. And as I went through the stamps left aside for me, it was bittersweet, all those projects, and special times, and yes, lol, a few missteps too lol!! I was SO pleased when I found my favorite stamp she had, and just laughed! Oh the times and memories we shared. I do miss her & our times together. I have so many cards and treasures and notes she made me over the years that are tucked here and there. And most of all our memories! So thank you again for this & I am so glad Kevin shared it! And maybe we can all get together for a "Karen Craft Day" some time!! Cheryl

  2. Cheryl, that you for sharing more about Karen. I really missed out by not knowing her. I would love to get together for a Karen Craft Day. She deserves to be honored and remembered. Not just as a fellow paper artist but as a loving friend and family member.

    1. Oh I would SO love to do that!!Let me know when. I will bring some of my cards from Karen. I have one I want to post for you to see of my favorite stamp I got in my bundle of stamps from her collection! Let me know where I can post it for you.

    2. send a photo to me via email (doorknocker3@yahoo.com) and I'll post it. My sisters and I have talked about getting together but we just haven't had any free weekends. I'll let you know if I hear of any get togethers.

  3. Beautiful post and what a wonderful gift!

  4. What a wonderful way to honor her crafting legacy. I know that you will cherish and use all of her supplies, so that her memory will live on in those who loved her.

  5. What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful lady. So glad that you were able to receive some of her supplies that she used, and I'm sure they will be inspiration to you in your creations. You're already inspired to organize your crafting space.

  6. From: Marlene
    Sorry it look me so long to post. I had to gather my thoughts and that’s not always easy ;) Anyway, it’s amazing how much I have learned about myself since we’ve been gifted Rubber Paws crafts supplies.

    First, I was a bit overwhelmed adding Karen's supplies to mine. And then I realized that I don’t like to scrapbook, it causes me grief and anxiety. I just can’t tear paper without getting stressed out and trying to figure out the "big picture" (aka whole page). So, I've let it go. Phew, what a relief!! I never have to force myself to do it alone again. I do very much enjoy the time I spend with my sisters scrapbooking. I'll continue to bring supplies and pictures with me during the times I spend with them.

    What I do love is the books I’ve received especially on bookmaking and different rubber stamp techniques. I was surprised when I realized I actually read one cover-to-cover. I mean who does that? I also, love love love playing with the beads! It’s like I can’t wait to carve some time out of my day to twist wire and add color. It’s amazing. It's the small focused pieces I like. Using tools and a magnifying glass makes me all excited.

    Thank you Karen for helping along my journey to find my unique art outlets. It brings me much happiness!

    Marlene (sent to me via email)


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