Monday, November 12, 2012

Bottle Caps, Bottle Caps and More Bottle Caps

Last year during Oktoberfest, a local fundraiser, I won the door prize which was one of each 120 beers that were served during the event. Yup, I hit the Mother Lode!

After the first few beers were opened and tossed aside, I realized that I wanted to keep all the bottle caps for something.  I wasn't sure yet, but I knew that I'd think of something.  So...120 beers later and some extras, I had them layered on this old lazy Susan that I bought years ago at a thrift shop.  They were in there loose and I finally decided to put them in permanently.

I should have taken the photo before I started painting it, but I did think about it 1/2 way through.  As you can see it was an ugly fake green wood paneling.  I painted it with black chalkboard paint.
Then I glued the bottle caps in some sort of order. 
I must confess, about 1/2 way through I realized I didn't leave spaces between the caps for the grout.  DUH!  So I took off a few and just sort of adjusted them - nope I did not measure any distance - I know it's not very professional but hey, I'm not a professional grouter.
Took a break for the glue to dry...Hey there Carly and Gracie :)
Voila!  Project done! 

Don't look too close because you can see where some grout is not as full as other spots but I literally JUST barely had enough of it and I was scraping it everywhere to complete it.

I can't wait to show this off at the next Durham party!


  1. What a fabulous project, Dorlene, and it's it just perfect that you had the right number of bottle caps to make this.

  2. Girl, that is the most creative thing!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! My brother would love it even if they were all from Bug Light :) It turned out so cool. I have never tried to grout before. It seems very intimidating, but you ROCKED IT!

  3. I just love stopping by, I never know what clever craft I will see. This is awesome!

  4. This is so cool! What an awesome way to preserve the memory of your big win!! Hoping you didn't drink all 120 at once ;)

  5. This is very neat! You took two unrelated used things and repurposed them into something wonderful and it looks fantastic!!


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