Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!  I am blessed to have a wonderful mother who never seizes to amaze me.  Sometimes that means, I don't know what else to do but shake my head.  But nevertheless, blessed.

On this mother's day eve, I thought, wow my kids not only have me as their mother, but also my three sisters who are mother figures for them.  Since we have all lived together at some point throughout their lives, all three play big roles in their upbringing even as they are becoming young adults.  Each of us give them love and support, but each of us do it in our own ways:

Auntie Marlene (aka Yaya):  Yaya is so organized and driven which is completely opposite of me.  Give her a potential problem and she will research and find the best way to resolve anything.  You're not sure about something, she will track down any information available and then map out a plan to make it happen.  Yaya wants to know everything about what's going on in my kids lives so that she can make sure they are getting treated correctly and they are getting the best out of every situation.  She's a do-er.  When the kids ask me for information and I don't know the answer, I tell them to ask Auntie Yaya.

Auntie Sherry:  Sherry is definitely entertaining.  She can make any situation a learning experience whether it's to find out what to do...or what not to do.  My kids know how much she loves them and that she will do anything she can possibly do for them.  There's no doubt about that.  If it's going to happen, it's going to happen now.  She has a "Take No Prisoners" attitude about life that wears me out.

Auntie Caroline:  Caroline is someone my kids can always depend on - no matter what.  If they need it, she'll provide it.  She's turned my kids into travelers.  They have been able to see parts of the US that I have never seen.  Caroline loves adventures and history.  She hears about places and then goes there.  After she tries it out, she encourages the kids to go with her the next time.  She spoils those kids with anything and everything and loves to spend time with them.  Not to sit around and watch t.v., but to actually do things.  It's nice to see them participate in things that they wouldn't think they'd enjoy.  They are much more adventurist where I am content to stay home and do the same ol'.

So is it a blessing to have more than one mother...???  I think so.  The kids are getting a whole lot of love and of course a whole lot of crazy. 


  1. Dorlene, I'm so glad you can count on your sisters and that you are so close!!!. You are definitely a very blessed woman!!!

  2. How fantastic to have such a special relationship with each of their aunts!


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