Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Twenty Five Years Later

Kenny and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and I swear it feels like the ceremony was yesterday.  I remember how my Maid of Honor, Karen and I spent the night with my sister Caroline the night before and that Karen was more nervous than I was to walk down the aisle.  I remember that the weather forecast said wet and windy and YES, it was very windy, but it did not rain at all.  Thank goodness my hair was very short back then.  I remember how handsome my baby Tony looked in his tuxedo and how cool dad looked with his dark hair and mustache - still a youngster.  I remember the camera flashes as Kenny and I walked down the aisle after the ceremony and how my grandma Weatherby was one of the first people to congratulate us as we walked out of the church.  I remember how fun it was to ride in the limo with both Karen, and Mike, our Best Man.  We drank champagne and honked at everyone on our way to the reception hall.  I remember all the drama with Sharon and her ex-boyfriend at the time.  I remember how a woman I didn't know, was so drunk in the bathroom that she asked if I was the bride - LOL - hello...I'm not wearing a veil and wedding dress for the heck of it!  I remember that we couldn't think of a song for our first dance, but when the DJ started playing, Reason by Earth Wind and Fire, we knew it was the right choice.  Kenny was so handsome in his tuxedo with or without that stupid boutonniere that kept falling off his coat.  My mom kept trying to fix it and eventually gave up.  The chicken mole, enchiladas, rice, beans, etc were so good.  All of my new aunts and cousins really outdid themselves with the homemade Mexican food.  We celebrated all night long with all our friends and family and were so exhausted the next day.  25 years...man...where has the time gone?

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  1. The time flies, doesn't it. Your wedding day sounds just perfect. Congratulations on your milestone. In these times, the longevity of our marriages (we've been married 28) seem unheard of.


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