Monday, May 27, 2013 gotta love the game!

If I could turn back time, I'd rewind to yesterday morning and instead of going to Denair and be a part of their Vendors in the Park event, I would have stayed in Patterson and watched the boys' baseball game.

Derek, who's been hitting the cover off the baseball for the past couple of seasons, hit his FIRST over the fence HOME RUN and I wasn't there to see it.

When Kenny sent the text, I wanted to scream!

I saw Derek later that night and he was upset that I wasn't there to celebrate the bomb.  Dang it!  If we could only turn back time...

And, to make matters worse, Kenny didn't even attempt to take a photo of Derek running around the bases or touching home plate or anything.  Such a rookie...I thought I trained him better...oh well, D's just gonna have to hit another one.  Guess who's never going to miss another game?

This reminds me of Kevin and his high school career.  Every time he hit a home run I was never at the game.  I would either show up after or not at all.  It was sort of the inside joke between us but I was still upset not to see any.  Finally, four seasons later, on our home field, on the day they honored Seniors, I was there from the beginning and he hit one over the fence!  It was so amazing and I ran to the backstop right behind home plate waiting for him to round the bases, as the crowd was chanting his name, he looked up at me and said "mom".  Geez, I'm getting teary eyed now six years later.  It was incredible!  So Derek, keep on hitting them, and don't worry, I'll see it and I'll be right there cheering you on!

Baseball...gotta love the drama, gotta love the intensity and  
you just gotta love the game!

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  1. Sorry you missed the big hit. I hope you've been forgiven by now.


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