Friday, December 12, 2014

My Funny Instructions

I had to post this photo because I thought it was pretty hilarious!  So, I made these penguin candy wrappers and jotted down the instructions.  I received a special order to make more so I pulled out this sheet to make more.  When I looked at it for the second time, I thought to do I actually figure out how to make these again!  Look below and you'll see how hilarious this is...


Holiday Boutique Goodies

More photos from the Tracy High School Holiday Boutique

One woman who purchased a few of these cuties said she was mailing them to New Zealand to a friend.  How awesome is that?  My stuff out in New Zealand!

Hey, that's me!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holiday Success!

I really should have my daughter take photos more often.  I know I'm a bad photographer, but does she have to be so good? 

Here are some photos of our last boutique.  When we know we only have one table, we try to get creative in our vertical displays.  And we only put out a small amount of stock of same items. 

This boutique was well attended and we had a steady flow of customers.  As always, we have tons of fun with each other and talking to others.  Although I was a little disappointed with the other vendors, I still managed to spend some money.  I bought myself a scarf and there was an incredible artist behind us who sketched her own images on cards.  I bought an elephant which I plan to frame and Carly bought a gnome holding a balloon.  Once I frame it, I'll post a photo.  I grabbed her business card but it's not with me right now.  I'll hook you up with her info later.  There was only one person at her table, but she's part of a mother-daughter team (she was mom).  I love that!  In fact, there was another mother-daughter team across from us.  They were Stampin' Up demonstrators and sold many, many cards.  Very nice!

The gal next to us made her own jewelry.  Very nice too!  If you're in the market, here's her info: or for those photos:

I'm having issues with the photos so there are only three for now.  For those who notice my vintage Christmas tablecloth, they came from a yard sale from my parents' neighbor.  When the wife passed away, husband had a big yard sale.  I really should have bought more she had lots of cool vintage Christmas items.  Sometimes you don't know what you need until it's too late.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cocoa for Two

When I bought these tubes, I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them.  Then the idea of cocoa shots came to mind.  I planned on doing individual ones but then decided to make a set instead.  Two tubes filled with cocoa and one with marshmallows.  I also tied on a candy cane and an adorable tag.  It's funny, I didn't think I had anything cocoa or warm wishes themed.  I have some coffee stamps, but they are coffee pots not cups.  Anyhow, I checked with my stamping friends to see if I could borrow something from them and of course they were more than gracious to share.  Then I realized that I have a cup on my Season of Joy cricut cartridge with a tag option and I also overlooked that I have a stamp that actually says, Warm Wishes For A Happy  Holiday.  Perfect...

So I was glad I decided to actually SHOP MY STASH.  LOL

These photos do not do it justice, but they did turn out so cute.  The tops are covered with a scallopped circle and then tied with jute.

I placed the trio in a 4" cellophane baggie and then tied with burlap ribbon.  I placed the set in a mug to display, but what a great gift!  I'm hoping that inspires shoppers to purchase and present the gift in this manner.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Who Wants Candy?

I made a bunch of decorated candy bars.  One for everyone on  your list...Angels, Grinch, Santa, Penguin, Reindeer and Snowman.

Each candy bar was covered with a piece of patterned paper or cardstock and then decorated accordingly.
Angel:  SU! Pennant Punch (body), SU! Butterfly Punch (wings), 1" Punch (halo), 1/2" Punch (head); small heard for hands
Grinch:  Head Shape cut with the cricut, pennant punch (hat), circle punches for eyes and drew the smile
Santa:  SU! scallop circle punch for beard, 1 3/" circle punch for face, square punch for hat, 1/4" punch for nose and pom pom.
Decorate as you see fit.  I also made tags with just layers of scraps and stamps.

Reindeer:  Cut snowflake on the cricut and trimmed some antlers, random size circles for other portions of the face
Penguin:  Large heart for the face, oval for the belly, smaller heart for the beak, and half the butterfly punch for feet

I already forgot the size of the hat (I want to say 2 1/2" circle) and scalloped strip around the whole bar.  There are also skinnier ovals on each side of the belly for the wings.  They are hard to see since they are black.

The reindeer's tags are an assortment of scrap layers and the stamp is from SU!  These two are my favorites!  I didn't take a photo of the snowmen, but if you search past posts on craft faires, I made the snowmen with a printed wrapper with a fleece hat.  So cute!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Visions of Sugar Plums or Other Candy Goodies

I made these last year too.  The instructions to make them are on the website by Queen Bee's Quest.  I had a hard time filling the kisses into the trees but for some reason this year, it was easier.  I didn't love these initially, but after packaging, I did fall in love with them.  For the tags, I watercolored some green on paper.  After it dried, I stamped a Christmas tree.  Then I stamped a sentiment on green vellum and placed it on top of the tree tag.  Placed an eyelet on top and secured them together.

These house nine candy kisses and two nuggets.  CUTE!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Little Kisses

These fun boxes were created by scoring every inch on a 6 3/4" x 5" piece of cardstock.  Score every inch on the 5" side and then one inch on each side of the 6 3/4 side.  Make the top scored area in a tab shape (cut triangles at the edges).  After cutting the tabs on the sides, fold at each score line and glue the tabs together to form the box.  The box fits 5 kisses across the bottom, but I added an additional 4 kisses to really fill them up.  I used washi tape to seal the tab to the box and then tied bakers twine around the box and to attach the scallopped circle tags.

Just another cute little stocking stuffer or little gift for your coworkers and friends.

The stamp set I used is from CTMH and I colored the images in with CTMH alcohol markers.  These would be super cute with a sturdy patterned paper.  The punches are from SU!, scallopped circle, 1 3/8" circle and 1 1/4" circle.