Friday, December 2, 2016

Faux Fireplace & Mantel; Cubicle Contest

The fireplace is set up and it looks amazing in it's new place at work.  We still want to add some decorations along the wall, but here's a photo:

Close up of the deer head and wreath.  The wreath was made using the cricut Joys of the Season cartridge.  I had to cut it apart since my base was bigger than the largest cut so I cut two wreaths and placed portions of it on the base.  I also cut two poinsettias from the same cartridge.  The red "berries" were made by punching circles.  It's hard to tell from the photos, but I added glitter with a Wink of Stella pen all over to add shine.

I'm entering the wreath in the Bitten by the Bug 2 site.  The challenge this week is Christmas wreaths.

Click on over to see more!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Awesome Wrap!

Go to this link to see the current collection on VIDA.  I've added so many items and I just love all of them.  Plus, they have included this gorgeous sheer wrap to their main shop.  Hopefully that brings in more orders for my designs.

This is the Just Be Fancy wrap.  One of my friends & coworkers purchased this wrap so I have seen it up close and personal but it looks so pretty when it's professionally photographed!

Click HERE to get to my shop.

Thanks for the opportunity to enhance your wardrobe.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Worst Day on the Best Day; WOYWW 391

Yesterday was my 30th wedding anniversary.  The anniversary of one of the best days of my life.  DH and I have a great marriage full of love, respect, and lots of fun.  We weren't sure how we were going to celebrate since it's on a Tuesday, but celebrate we were!

Then this happened...5:00 in the morning I hear DHs cell phone ring.  As you can guess, a phone call at 5:00 doesn't mean good news.  I'm laying in bed thinking, please be my sister calling to sing "Happy Anniversary" but deep down I knew that wasn't it.  We got a call that his mother, my mother-in-law passed away.  She passed peacefully in her sleep at 4:00 a.m.

After the initial sock and lots of tears, we looked at each other and said "happy anniversary" and then cried some more.

We floated by the rest of the day, a coworker texted to let me know I had some flowers on my desk (I can't remember the last time DH sent me flowers on our anniversary) so she dropped them off and much later in the evening, our four children surprised us with an amazing anniversary gift.  They pitched in and purchased tickets to a four day cruise.

It was all so bitter sweet.

I didn't get a chance to take a photo of my work area, but I felt like posting anyways.

Click on over to to read more about WOYWW and take a peek into some great craft spaces.  Every Wednesday, Julia hosts this linkage in order for people to share their work areas/desks to show off what they are working on.  It's pretty cool!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Water coloring, Doodling, and Coloring OH MY!

I had a lot of fun making these cards.  These first two are using a coloring page.  I colored with markers and cut them down to size.  I love the embellishment clusters I made on these.  They were made using a regular doiley, metallic doiley (SU!), three different washi tapes.

These next two were made after I watched a Youtube video on doodling.  I wasn't intentionally making these for cards, but I really liked the way they turned out so there you go.  LOL. Originally, I was going to leave it color-free, but decided last minute to add the watered down distress ink spray.

And the last two... one was a leftover piece of water coloring I did awhile ago.  I added some embellishments to complete it and the other was again some doodling but this time a mandala.  (Is that what they are called??). I punched 2 3/4" circles and then started drawing while on a road trip to visit my mother-in-law.  I made a few of these but only made the one card.

It's funny how I always feel like I don't have certain items, etc, but once I start digging through my stash, I find all these elements to make awesome embellishments.  Silly me!

I'm entering the mandala card in the current Freshly Made Sketches challenge.  Click HERE to get to the site.  Here's the sketch I followed:

Sunday, November 27, 2016

More Stuff for the Cubicle Contest

I mentioned in my earlier post about the faux fireplace/mantel I am making.  It turned out much cuter than I thought it would!

I still needed to paint the top to emulate wood.  I had to go to Walmart to buy some dark brown.
Then I painted the back panel (more cardboard).  I think the fire could have been better, but hey, you get the idea.

The mantel will have garland around the edges/top and hopefull hide most of the mantel.  We'll need to keep it light in the middle since there's nothing really holding up the middle box lid.  I don't want it to sag.  I made a sign (which I will post later) that says "Dear Santa, We can explain."  LOL. I was debating between that and the "Define Good" saying.

I can't wait to put it all together.  I'm bringing the pieces to work tomorrow and more pictures will follow!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Cubicle Decorating Contest

So this year my work is having a cubicle decorating contest.  You'd think I'd be all over this one.  Normally I don't really decorate my work space, BUT...

My cubicle neighbor wants us to coordinate our adjoining wall.  This wall actually is a wall.  It's what people see when you walk into our side of the building.  So...what do I do?  I skim through Pinterest and get some ideas.

I am pretty stoked because after seeing so many different work spaces, home decor and everything in between, I decided to create a faux fireplace with mantel and all that entails.  I duct taped two boxes (four total) to create two columns and then taped together box lids for the mantel.  Then I painted the pillars white.  Used a combination of real red and tan acrylic paint to create a brick color.  I never tried it before, but everyone knows to use a sponge in paint to create faux bricks.  I did that on three sides of the pillars.  OMG!  It looks so great!  I plan to paint the "mantel" brown with wood grain.

Remember those cardboard deer heads I made awhile ago?  Well, I grabbed one of them and decorated his antlers with tinsel garland and jingle bells.  Used the Joys of the Season cartridge to make a wreath.  This cutie will hang above the mantel.

Used the Art Philosphy to make the stockings (11.5" each).

I'm working on the fireplace now but will post photos once everything is complete.  SO EXCITED!  No one is going to top our cubicles!!

BTW:  She gave me full artistic freedom on this one - yes I'm the crafty person at work.  LOL

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Paint Nite

The newest craze...Paint Night.  I went with some coworkers and here's my painting...

I love how my trees came out!  We had a lot of fun and I learned how to paint trees!