Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spring Bazaar

Here are some photos of our booth for the Sacred Heart Spring Bazaar.  Thanks to my friend Mia for hooking me up.

I love these little notebooks.  The images on the front are from the Nifty Fifties cartridge.


Don't you just love the double pockets on the lid of this suitcase?!  Perfect for holding cards...
Hey Carly!

The wind started picking up about an hour before we packed up and everyone was going nuts trying to hold onto their canopies.  It was actually pretty funny until ours started going places too.  We didn't sell a lot, but it's always fun hanging out with my Star, Carly and meeting new people.  We'll be at it again in a few weeks.

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  1. All adorable things to sell. I really love the suitcases you used in your display. Great thinking!


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