Tuesday, October 13, 2020

JJ Pages; New Additions

The great thing about these YouTube flip through videos is that I am realizing how many "blank" pages I still need to complete.

(I've posted a new video every Wednesday on my YouTube channel for the past four weeks. Each video is a flip through of one signature - there's six total. Go to my YouTube channel HERE or click on the Instructional Video label to the right for the blog posts.)

I still have two more signatures to go and then the final video will show how I created the cover, bound the signatures and give some tips and techniques on creating your own! I'm really passionate about these Junk Journals!

I've been taking advantage of free on-line classes from so many different artists, blogs and websites. I realize that even though many start with new techniques for me to try, they all kind of come back to my own style. I guess I do have a style. All this time I thought I was the great emulator. LOL

Here are a few pages I completed in Signature One (before and after photos):

If you're following the videos, you'll see the "blanks" when I do the flip through. Be sure to come back on Wednesday to see the new video. Click the SUBSCRIBE button on YouTube and hit the bell to be notified of any new videos. Thanks!

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