Friday, July 1, 2016

ICAD #1 and #2

Index Card A Day Challenge:
Can I do it?  It seems easy enough, but I also know me.  Well, I'm gonna try it.  Here's my Day 1 card:

The prompt is words and mixtape. I wasn't sure what I was going to do, but then thought of a song that I love.  One from back in the day when we were making mixed tapes.  My all time favorite song is "Some Kind of Wonderful" but this is one of my long time favorites too.  The other detail for the first week is to use yellow.  Click on the link below to learn more about the challenge and to get the list.  You can start anytime!

Another photo of the finished index card.  I used the images on this stamp set (Elements #3 from Lila Grey, designed by little ol' me!)  Those great pink circles are also from this stamp set.  I took a photo of the journal page since I was using it as my "brush off" piece.

Day Two:  Pyramid
I was at a loss, but then thought I'd place words in a pyramid shape.  I like it!

I used images from this set.

Both together.

HERE for more info on Index Card A Day challenge.

We'll see how far I go.  I have to tell you, creating these little masterpieces is pretty quick.  I did today's (pyramid) in about 20 minutes this morning before getting ready for work.

Details on the cards:
Card #1:  I saw this video about using gesso through a stencil before adding any paint.  I used a rose stencil.  Then used lt. pink acrylic paint over the top and used a baby wipe to wipe away the rose images.  Used the Elements #3 stamp set to stamp yellow acrylic paint to the right side.  I then used the same "bubble wrap" stamp to add some teal ink in the same corner.  Added bright pink with my finger around the left side.  Drew the heart with gelatos and lined it with black licorice gelato as well.  Used water to smudge.  Added a little bit of teal too.  The white dots are from a white correction pen.  The black lines on the right side are also from the Elements stamp set.  Handwrote the words on white cardstock and lined with black BIC pen.

Card #2:  Covered card with gray acrylic paint.  Used a homemade glue gun stencil on top and sprayed yellow distress ink.  It came out a little more green than it should have, but that's ok.  I used SU! pink ink and another image from Element #2 set.  I also used black acrylic ink and the sunburst stamp.  I wrote the words on white cardstock and lined with a SU! grey marker.  I still felt like it needed something so I added some teal gelato border around the card and smudged with a water brush.  I then added another stamp image from the same Elements #2 set with white acrylic paint.

Ok, I know I designed them, but did I tell you how much I LOVE those Element stamp sets!?!  They are so fun and make it so easy to add random marks to your designs.

I'm thinking these index cards might make some great postcards...hmmm...

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  1. These turned out beautiful!!! Glad you have joined in. Keep 'em coming because you are doing great with them. And I did post my box on my blog this morning. :) Blessings,


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