Sunday, April 22, 2012

Real Life Forrest Gump?

On one of my first posts I mentioned my coworker's son, Nick was taking on a walking journey from the San Francisco area to Seattle, WA.  Well after awhile, he quit this journey and returned home.  Well, he's back at it.  He's now attempting to walk from Florida to CA.  Nick was a classmate and teammate of two of my boys so we know who he is. 

Follow his blog at

or follow his tweats (is that how you say it?).  I think he goes by hobonick.  I don't know anything about Twitter but I know that's how my kids are following him.

Read his blog and it explains why he's doing it and he gives daily (for the most part) insights of who he's meeting, how he's being blessed, etc.  You WILL get hooked.  I keep telling his mother, they're gonna make a movie on his adventures.

Good Morning Sacramento tried to interview him and said they will follow his journey if possible.  Did I tell you he has no money, and only a few items?  He also has an iPhone or something to which he is able to send messages for his blog and call his mother every so often.  You can imagine how worried his mother is.

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  1. Looked at the blog. WOW! Thats one long walk. Very interesting.


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