Sunday, April 1, 2012

One Photo

Can you believe I didn't take my camera out once during the party yesterday?  There were so many cameras and I was so busy, I figured I'd get some photos from somebody.

Carly created this group of photos so here's a peek:
I had nothing to do with the cake, but didn't it turn out beautiful?  The top left is a sample of the centerpieces.  I found and bought 12 different glass vases and filled them with gold tinsel-like "fluff" and a flameless candle.  Each vase also had one photo, 50, and a pretty in each one.  We also tied balloons to each photo stick.  The pretty was either a rosette, pinwheel or embellished heart.  Thank the Lord for the Circut!  I've asked Carly to take photos of each different "cake slice" and I hope to post those soon.  The top right photo is the cake put together with 50 slices.  We kept the other 50 in a basket next to it.  The paper flowers on top are from the Art Philosophy cartridge.  The bottom right is the center of a garland I made to decorate the head table.  What you don't see is on the left since the numbers 1962 and on the left side the numbers 2012 - yup, 50 years!
By the way, another successful Weatherby party!

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