Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Recycling; It's On The Bag!

I spend a morning going through my closet and all the wrapping paper rolls, gift bags, tissue, etc., etc. that was piling up in there. Yeah, my closet was looking pretty hoarderish and scary. So, I went through the mess by separating Christmas items from all the other events; tossed, combined & organized my closet! Oh, it looks so nice! And all that huge pile shrunk down to one box.

When I was organizing, I noticed I kept a lot of store brand/name bags. At first I was going to toss them, but they are so pretty. I gathered these together and tucked them into one large bag. I told myself that I have one month to upcycle/recycle/pretty them up or else they are gone! OK, we all know that's not going to happen so I changed my rule to one year - I figured I'd use these bags for gifts throughout the year, but if I didn't use them within one year, I'd toss.

Some samples of what I'm working with:
You can see why I don't want to toss them, right?

Here are some of the bags that I've upcycled so far:
Birthday Bag for Coworker
Baby Shower Gift Bag
I used my gelli plate for this one
Pretty Cool!

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