Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Reading Marathon XVII

Fun Fact:  Carly and I have been challenging ourselves with a Summer Reading Marathon for 17 years now!  We started when Carly was six years old and now she's pushing the old age of 23!  Right now she's ahead of me by one book, but I'm determined to push past her soon.  We always start the first day after the last day of school (since we both work for the school district, this date still works for us) and the day before the start of the new school year. 
The person who reads the most books gets treated by the other to Baskin Robbins.  I know it's not much, but hey, it's the little things.  AND we're talking ice cream which is the answer to everything.
I love this time of year because I'm a total book nerd and LOVE going to the library.  It has always been one of my favorite things to do.  I remember as a girl, my sisters, neighborhood friends and I would go to the library and stock up with tons of books.  We loved the Nancy Drew mysteries, Judy Bloom, Ramona Quimby and of course, the Little House on the Prairie books which will always be my favorite series.  We would hang out and participate in all the Summer activities and of course, checked out music, magazines and other fun stuff available back in the 70's.
I'm so happy that my daughter also loves reading.  The boys...not so much...but they do have a few that they love.

In honor of Summer Reading Marathon, here are some bookmarks that I'm making for a Christmas in July event at one of our local churches.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how they turned out.  I purchased these plastic sleeves awhile ago but wasn't sure when or what I was going to do with them.  The tassels were part of the stash of items I received from Rubber Paws.  I made master boards on 8 1/2 x 11 pieces of white cardstock and just sprayed a variety of inks all over.  On one master board, I stamped floral images (SU!) and the other I used the Elements I images (Lila Grey) all over.  Once I cut them into strips, I matted with a piece of solid cardstock and embossed versus/quotes on them.  Now I can kick myself for not buying more of the sleeves - I only bought 25.

Rubber Paws; My sister's Sister-in-Law - read more about her.
Lila Grey Stamps
Stampin' Up; My demonstrator is Carole Parson from South Carolina.  If you don't have a demonstrator, visit her "store" and shop there!  Check out her blog HERE

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