Sunday, June 16, 2013

Remembering My Dad on Father's Day

This Father's Day is different for me this year.  Instead of a phone call home and a gift for dad, I am left with only memories of my dad and regret that I don't have more Father's Days to spend with him. 

I'm so grateful for all the moments we had with dad before he passed away.  We knew it was coming soon.  My only regret is I never really thanked him for everything he's taught me.  One of the last things I told him is that I'd be fine.  My physical needs are being met.  I have a home, vehicle, job, great marriage and great children, but what I forgot to say is I'm not going to be fine, mentally and spiritually.  There's a void now that no one can fill. 

My dad could be a big butthole at times, but that was him.  He was honest in every way.  If he didn't like something, he told you.  If he had an opinion, he said it.  Sometimes it was hurtful, but he never meant it to be.  I know it seems oxymoronish, but he made me feel like I was perfect in every way even when he was criticizing me for something. 

He was the ideal man's man.  He loved sports, cars, fishing and camping; he could fix anything; he cooked and helped with the dishes and would run to the store when we needed milk or even feminine products; he didn't have any sons, but he taught us girls all the "boy" things like playing sports, mowing the lawn, fixing a flat tire and changing oil.  He taught us the importance of working hard, having good credit and being reliable.  He loved all his girls (mom included) with all his heart and was never afraid to show it.  He'd hold our hands, give hugs and even a peck on the cheek.  If we wanted something, he got it for us but yet we were never spoiled.  And remember, if he bought one, he knew he had to buy four.  He'd call us to go out to eat and pay for the entire meal even after his family of six grew to 15+.  He showed us the importance of family.

These are the thing I inherited from my dad:
I, too wear my emotions on my sleeve.  When I'm happy, I'm happy but when I'm mad everyone knows it.
I'm impatient with things, but have all the patience in the world for my family.
Quick Temper - I admit, this one is nothing to be proud of, but I try to control it.
Strong work ethics
Desire to have a good time.  I love having fun.
Love of sports (sorry dad, I switched to the opposite side of the Bay after meeting Kenny but still have some love for the East Bay)
Family values
Know when to say I'm sorry. 
When to be money tight and when to just splurge.  Good credit is always a good thing.
Be Cool.  My dad was as goofy as can be around us, but in public, he was so cool. 

There is so much more but I can't stop crying so I'm going to stop.  Most importantly, we knew that he loved us and we were special.  I miss you dad!

(That's me in my dad's arms...I love that I'm holding a VW bug!)

Dwayne Weatherby
9/19/1938 - 2/5/2013


  1. I know today must be hard, but keep those memories close, no one can take them from you. Big hugs to you xxxx.

  2. What a wonderfully special post and a perfect tribute to your Dad! Sending huge cyber hugs...

  3. Big hug! Thanks for sharing such a sweet post! :)


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