Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Holidays!

The holidays continue and I'm busy, busy, busy.  I need to get better about taking pictures and then downloading them into my computer so I can post here.  After all the Holiday Boutiques I participated in, I ended up with three custom orders.  One for 25 tea bag holders (of course I didn't take a photo of these); one for 24 candy strips (my niece Jori is a lucky girl) and one for two "stylish and hip" aprons.  Again, I forgot to take a photo of the aprons.  I have more fabric so I'm hoping to make more.  Once you see them, you'll love them.  My friend's daughter is a teacher and wanted an apron to wear while walking around her classroom.  The daughter is 25-26 years old and didn't want to old fashion kitchen aprons that I was already selling so I came up with these hip ones.  I'll ask my friend to take a photo and try to post later or I'll end up making my own.  Always have to be cute and stylish...right?

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