Friday, June 17, 2011

Upcoming Events

I love being busy but sometimes it's just ridiculous!  LOL

Here's my calendar so far:
June 2nd:  C's graduation
June 3-5:  Apricot Fiesta (our town celebration)
June 11:  C's graduation party
June 18:  Joe & Amanda's wedding
June 19:  Father's Day
June 25:  Scrapbooking All Day Crop (woo hoo!) & Dwayne's Birthday - don't forget to send card
June 30:  Secret Pal Reveal at work
July 4:  Hmmm...4th of July
July 9:  Serina's Baby Shower
July 31:  Volunteer (or Attend) the Think and Die Thinking Music Festival

Luckily, I've already made the baby blanket for the upcoming baby shower.  Graduation was full of projects, which I will post later.  I'm not making anything for the wedding (at least not preplanned - that can always change) and only cards for Father's Day and D's 15th birthday.

Somewhere in there is our puppy, Gracie's 1st birthday.

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