Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Where I Create

I love my craft room a.k.a. The Command Center

Here's what it looks like...
This is my main work area.

to the left where I sit...see my cool banners?

My alphabet stamps and Cricut cartridges.  I bought that shelf from a garage sale for $6.  It was from Pottery Barn for a magazine holder.

At the lower left is Carly's work station.  It's a lot messier than my area!

This is the inside of my closet.  I use an old computer station to hold my papers and other misc. items.  Yes, that's Zac Efron.  Carly was obsessed with him a few years back and I just haven't taken him down yet. 

This is one of the favorite things in my room.  These are photos of my dad when he was a boy.  I bought this kit a long time ago and it is a family, memory, sort of thing and because of the old fashion feel to it, I thought these photos of my dad would work perfectly with it.

It isn't much of a room.  Most items were purchased at yard sales or thrift stores, but it works perfectly for me and Carly and fits the rest of my house with randomness. 


  1. I love your room. It has so many interesting things in it. All your wall hangings are fabulous, and I love how you show off your photos, cards, creations, everything! It does look like a fun place to stamp.

  2. Love it!!!

    I really need that Zac Efron poster and I love how you have pictures of your dad in your space. So Cool!

  3. I love it all!! When can we come over and play??? You did a great job organizing.

  4. I'm speechless Dorlene! Wow what a nice set up. Thanks for sharing:)


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